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"...you need to watch this movie... why the f@*k haven't you watched this movie yet?!" - listen to the full Popatopolis excerpt... and click here to listen to the full podcast

-- Jeremy L. Morrison, Roxy, and Lee Arnold ACID POP CULT

"...I really wanna f@*%in' watch one of his other movies right now." - listen to the full Popatopolis excerpt... and click here to listen to the full podcast

-- Ammon Gilbert and Eric Walkuski, BLOOD, BULLETS & BROADS: The Arrow in the Head Podcast

"...I just loved it man... This is the type of documentary that makes you want to go out and make a movie..." - listen to the full Popatopolis excerpt... and click here to listen to the full podcast of Season 5, Episode 15: "Celluloitering with Axel and Solo"

-- Heath Solo and Alex Foley, The FILM LIST: A Film/TV Podcast


"One of the most hilarious documentaries on movie-making ever." - read the full article...

-- Thomas Lenz, SCREEN/READ

"4 out of 5 stars. A really great documentary." - read the full article...

-- Jason Bene, Killer Film

"A genius job. For anyone who has ever said, "What I really want to do is Direct," this film is a must-see!"

-- Arlene Sidaris, www.andysidaris.com

"The true story of Jim Wynorski...the man who wouldn't sacrifice squibs for t*ts."

-- Pulp 2.0,

"Popatopolis is the must see documentary of this year."

-- Justin Bozung, Mondo Film & Video Guide

"Documentaries are only as good as their subjects, and 'Popatopolis' is a very good documentary." - read the full article...

-- Eric M. Armstrong, www.themovingarts.com

"An eye for finding unique stories, people and niches, and making them understandable and sympathetic..."

-- James Machowski

"If you're a fan of Wynorski's big-breasted, low-budget classics then you definitely need to pick up a copy of Westervelt's film." - read the full article...

-- Alison Nastasi, www.horrorsquad.com

"A great flick. This film once and for all answers the age-old question "How can they make that crap?"

-- Craig Faustus Buck

"The ultimate B-Movie Documentary... This is 75 minutes of fun. This is what Brutal Massacre tried to be. It's almost a non fiction indie film version of Spinal Tap." - read the full article...

-- James DePaolo, Horrorphilia.net

"Strange how the story of making a bad movie can result in a terrific one, but thatís exactly what you have in 'Popatopolis.'" - read the full article...

-- Rod Lott, OKGazette.com

"Popatopolis is a riot of a movie, loaded throughout with serious points made about the status of B-movies in modern Hollywood, juxtaposed with massive doses of memorable hilarity. A must see... ...a nostalgia trip but with a sad glimpse at a disappearing cult genre. A work of quiet, thoughtful genius." - read the full article...

-- Gail Force, Cinesploitation

"A delight from start to end. We loved every moment... a narrative that is both surprising and entertaining. All in all, Popatopolis is a memorable film that has stayed with us and has been the topic of discussion for several days"

-- Sandra Murray

"...interplayed with hilarious action is interviews with the interested parties including sweet and tender views of the man himself from those that know him well, including his Mum" - read the full article...

-- Gail Spencer,

"Clay Westervelt's documentary about Jim Wynorski is an insightful, compelling and frequently hilarious portrait of one filmmaker's quixotic attempts to shoot a feature length soft-core erotic film within three days. Wynorski's process is layered with passion, frustration, anger, titillation and camaraderie, a delicate balance that only a veteran filmmaker could hope to maintain through the often outrageous circumstances and conditions that Wynorski coaxes his cast and crew to undergo. But the film's ambitions are much greater -- Westervelt also deftly analyzes the technical, economic and social changes that have redefined the B-movie, with a hint of nostalgia over the industry's decline and transformation, and the compromises of filmmakers like Wynorski, whose passion for filmmaking is tragically undermined by an industry that increasingly and exclusively values the bottom line."

-- Professor Alex Ago, School of Cinematic Arts, USC

"I don't hate it."

-- Jim Wynorski

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